This Autumn

3 May 2017

This is a specific commission which we are so pleased to be a part of and help further discussions around End of Life Care. It's an honour to be involved in this programme.

KINGS HEAD SHOW - what the audience said....

‘I thought it was very well done. Laughter is our natural remedy. The play was simply wonderful.’

This Autumn

What The Audience Said……God’s Waiting Room - 2017

28 April 2017

4 Star review at Remote Goat - 'Death explored in a brave way.'

'A thoughtful play, which raised questions about the way we as humans deal with death but portrayed in a humorous and accessible way. I found myself thinking about the issues raised in it for some time. Well acted and a welcome change to my usual play experience.'

'Wow amazing acting and the script was electric. Three people making such an outstanding performance.'  

‘Would love to have you back next year so please keep me informed as to your tour plans. All the best and thanks again for an excellent performance. Lots of excellent feedback.’

‘Wonderfully blended pathos.'

‘Thank you for an excellent production, thoroughly enjoyed by all.'

‘Well worth going too. Brilliant writing and excellent execution. Funny too’.

‘You should be very proud – to write a play that makes all those people say ‘That’s me’ , ‘’that’s just how it is with my sister and me’, it was incredible the way everybody started talking straight away. I think they would have happily stayed there talking to you all night – you’d still be there now! Amazing play, well done.'

‘We really enjoyed the play this evening. Thought you and your fellow actors were really good and mostly thought the writing was top notch.'

‘Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your play last night. I loved the humour and honesty. You and the rest of the cast were brilliant.' 

‘Dialogue set situation and brought it to life. Blend of comedy, desperation and pathos were recognisable to those who've been in that situation. Family tensions accurately portrayed. Enjoyable, thought provoking evening.'

‘We came along to see ‘God’s Waiting Room’ at the Marlowe a few weeks ago and we both really enjoyed it. It was very funny and moving and well observed. I liked how it really looked at the waiting around involved in death and broke so many taboos. I loved the last scene when they are in the Mum’s flat and one of the daughters holds up one of her dresses. Obviously we don’t see the mum at all throughout the play, but in that moment it feels like we are seeing a memory of her held up by the daughter and it is so moving.’

‘Quite simply the best play I've seen all year... The acting was phenomenal!!!’

What The Audience Said……God’s Waiting Room - 2017

Kings Head Theatre

6 April 2017

GOD’S WAITING ROOM by Karen Bartholomew

Presented by Motormouse Productions

The King’s Head Theatre, Islington 22nd July

London Pub Theatres Review**** Review

Seeking Actors for our 2018 productions

21 March 2017

Please submit your Spotlight or CCP - details to us at

Please include photographs and showreels to view your work.

We are looking not just for talent but for people with a good attitude, enjoy touring and willing to adapt with whatever comes our way. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Seeking Actors for our 2018 productions

Working with our Partners

19 March 2017

We have formed some exciting partnerships with venues and individuals excited by the project. Our Brighton show will be a charity night, which promises to be a truly amazing evening supported by Sara Snood, Tora Colwill, Alice Leverton and Julie Fraser Reid, where all ticket sales profit will go directly to Macmillan Cancer.

More Roles for Older Women

13 February 2017

We're very keen to promote equality in this industry, particularly the woeful under representation of older actresses. The recent show was a direct response to creating roles for women over forty. It's not always the lack of scripts out there but the production, and powers that be, that insist on promoting limited roles for women. It really is time; investment and production companies took a bolder step in this direction.