Past Productions

God's Waiting Room

An end of life comedy.

Mother is dying slowly, the wait is unbearable, the pressures insurmountable, the thoughts unbelievable. Surely a gesture towards God's bigger plan is needed? Sisters, Stella and Connie may be different from one another but share a common and profound love for their Mother. Can things really continue as they are?

Cast: Karren Winchester, Clive Ward, Karen Bartholomew

Directed by: Tracey Wilkinson

★★★★ ‘Poignant, funny and beautifully accurate’ London Pub Theatres

★★★★ 'Many theatre lovers have missed this gem of a play that deserves more exposure' Everything Theatre

★★★★ 'Death explored in a brave way' Remote Goat

 Review at The Sick of the Fringe

Play Text available to buy at Wordsmithery

Mozart with the Morrisons

What is a birth plan? A nice idea, a necessity or a waste of time? At 'St Joseph the Useless' antenatal meetings, an anxious gathering soon learn that the only certainty about child birth is, there is no certainty.

A story of hope and expectation.

Player Playwrights, North London Tavern

Cast: Yvette Bruin, Lynne O'Sullivan, Elizabeth Trueblood, Chloe darke, Luke Francis, Christopher Walthorne, Peter picton

Directed by: Rebecca Lyon

“Refreshing dialogue and lots of very funny moments: look out for the car park clamping! I can’t wait to see this play in the full production it deserves. ” — Peter Thompson - Player Playwrights

How Could She?

A birth mother laments the separation of her child some thirty years ago. A pragmatic yet awkward woman, questions society's guilty curse, her own health issues, her imaginings of her son and his welcomed but most surprise finding of her. 

Cockpit Theatre  - Rehearsed Reading

Cast: Dorothy Lawrence

Directed by: Karen Bartholomew

Maybe God is Michael?

Helen just wants to get away from 'The Jacksons Five' - another hideous Wedding invite where she's merely a spectator and not the life-long friend. Her husband is in the midst of the dance floor oblivious to their separation. Paul, the Wedding Photographer goes about his job. That's all it is - a snap here and there and in between this unlikely alliance is an inebriated Vicar challenged by his faith but not his place in society. He's all 'ears to lost souls'.

A comedy of belief or not in all things marital, all things God, or of all things Michael and his lesser known brothers.

Cockpit Theatre

Blackshaw Theatre Writing Award - Showcase Finalist

Cast: Hilary Buss, Koullis Kyriacou, Robert Ernest Daoust

Directed by: Stephen Bailey

Mum and Dad To Be

A heart warming and accurately amusing play about first time parents and how their world changes whilst preparing for the pitter patter of tiny feet.

Cast: Nic Van Gelder, Sarah Goddard, Irene Bradshaw and Catriona Ryan

Directed By: Emily Wright

Edited By: Jeff Moreno

Available to buy at the Wireless Theatre Company.

Raise the Spirit

A global tour led by Angus Tarte, self-appointed connoisseur endeavours to teach us all a little more about wine. However a blast from the past in the guise of Blue Nun seeks revenge for slating the Emerald Isle's finest wine (and yes, it wasn't German after all...)

Cast: Clive Ward, Karen Bartholomew, Rebecca Hunt, Mairead O'Conneely

Directed by: Stephan Bessant

“The show was brilliant, funny, punchy, interactive - really good. The characters are fabulous, strong and well rounded. Seeing the audience reaction was excellent. Thanks for the evening, it was a fantastic performance.” — Tanya Warnakulasuriya, BBC

“Very, very funny. The French sketch is fantastic.” — Elissa Turay, RNIB

Kiss My Honeymoon Lips

Rita suspects her rivals are offering more than a blow dry.

Jerry's Wife suspects her husband's flu is more than a runny nose.

Minnie suspects there's more in the charity vase than meets the eye.

Suspicious things are going on at 'Pamperus Hair Salon' ... and the date is 1973. Join Rita, Minnie and Jerry's Wife in a gentle comedy of indecision ... or not?

C Venues, Lion & Unicorn Theatre

Cast: Karen Neville

Directed by: Peter Turnbull

★★★ 'Neville has a bright eye for what, in the early seventies, passed for neat ideas and natty outfits, dressing her set with the kitschest of tastes and peppering her monologue with some great one-liners…' (Scotsman)

★★★ 'Both writing and acting are well observed and Neville keeps up a strong rapport with her audience' (The Stage)

“Neville’s one-woman show is hysterical!” (Mariella Frostrup, BBC2)