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God's Waiting Room

An end of life comedy.

Mother is dying slowly, the wait is unbearable, the pressures insurmountable, the thoughts unbelievable. Surely a gesture towards God's bigger plan is needed? Sisters, Stella and Connie may be different from one another but share a common and profound love for their Mother. Can things really continue as they are?

Cast: Karren Winchester, Clive Ward, Karen Bartholomew

Directed by: Tracey Wilkinson


 ★★★★ REMOTE GOAT  'Death explored in a brave way.'

Review at The Sick of the Fringe.

Previous shows

Mozart with the Morrisons

What is a birth plan? A nice idea, a necessity or a waste of time? At 'St Joseph the Useless' antenatal meetings, an anxious gathering soon learn that the only certainty about child birth is, there is no certainty.

A story of hope and expectation.

Player Playwrights, North London Tavern

Cast: Yvette Bruin, Lynne O'Sullivan, Elizabeth Trueblood, Chloe darke, Luke Francis, Christopher Walthorne, Peter picton

Directed by: Rebecca Lyon

How Could She?

A birth mother laments the separation of her child some thirty years ago. A pragmatic yet awkward woman, questions society's guilty curse, her own health issues, her imaginings of her son and his welcomed but most surprise finding of her. 

Cockpit Theatre 

Cast: Dorothy Lawrence

Directed by: Karen Bartholomew

Maybe God is Michael?

Helen just wants to get away from 'The Jacksons Five' - another hideous Wedding invite where she's merely a spectator and not the life-long friend. Her husband is in the midst of the dance floor oblivious to their separation. Paul, the Wedding Photographer goes about his job. That's all it is - a snap here and there and in between this unlikely alliance is an inebriated Vicar challenged by his faith but not his place in Society. He's all 'ears to lost souls'.

A comedy of belief or not in all things marital, all things God, or of all things Michael and his lesser known brothers.

Cockpit Theatre

Blackshaw Theatre Writing Award - Showcase Finalist

Cast: Hilary Buss, Koullis Kyriacou, Robert Ernest Daoust

Directed by: Stephen Bailey

Mum and Dad To Be

A heart warming and accurately amusing play about first time parents and how their world changes whilst preparing for the pitter patter of tiny feet.

Cast: Nic Van Gelder, Sarah Goddard, Irene Bradshaw and Catriona Ryan

Directed By: Emily Wright

Edited By: Jeff Moreno

Available to buy at the Wireless Theatre Company.

Raise the Spirit

A global tour led by Angus Tarte, self-appointed connoisseur endeavours to teach us all a little more about wine. However a blast from the past in the guise of Blue Nun seeks revenge for slating the Emerald Isle's finest wine (and yes, it wasn't German after all...)

Cast: Clive Ward, Karen Bartholomew, Rebecca Hunt, Mairead O'Conneely

Directed by: Stephan Bessant

Kiss My Honeymoon Lips

Minnie suspects there's more in the charity vase than meets the eye.

Jerry's Wife suspects her husband's flu is more than a runny nose.

Rita suspects her rivals are offering more than a blow dry.

Suspicious things are going on at 'Pamperus Hair Salon' ... and the date is 1973. Join Rita, Minnie and Jerry's Wife in a gentle comedy of indecision ... or not?

C Venues, Lion & Unicorn Theatre

Cast: Karen Neville

Directed by: Peter Turnbull